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Biography of Ven. Hiu Wan

|Ven. Hiu Wan was awarded the Cultural Prize in 1997 by the Executive Yuan, the nation's highest honor for personal achievement.

Aside from being a distinguished artist, she is a also renowned for her scholarship in Buddhism, literary merit as a poet, her tireless devotion to education, and, above all, a dedicated practitioner of Prajna Ch'an Buddhism

1933  Graduates from Liching School of Art, Hong Kong.

1935  Establishes Wen Feng Yun Yuan at Canton.

1947  Teaches at the School of Art, Tagore University, Santineketan. India.

1952  Establishes Yunmen School at Hong Kong.

1957-1958Travels and visits more than 30 countries of the world and holds exhibitions.

1962 Establishes Huihai Middle School in Hong Kong.

1966 Teaches Art, Philosophy at Chinese Cultural College and is dean of the Institute of Buddhist Studies.

1970 Establishes Lotus Ashram.

1980 Establishes Huafan Buddhist Research Institue.

1988 Holds "59 years of Painting Career" exhibition at Taiwan Provincial Museum.

1990 Establishes Huafan University.

1994 Holds "64 years of Painting Career" exhibition at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Gallery.

1996 Establishes "Lectureship of Enlightenment".

1997 Awarded Cultural medal from Administrative Yuan.

1998 Exhibition of Enlightened Dhyana paintings at National History Museum.2000 Holds "71 years of Painting Career" exhibition at Chang Kai Shek Cultural Center, Taipei. Municipal Social and Educational Gallery, Tainan. Cultural Center. Kaoshiung.